HVDC Reduction Panel Construction – Riel Station

The 500kV High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Reduction and Low Side Load Rejection (LSLR) Work at the Riel Station consisted of the construction of ten panels located in four separate buildings. The ten panels are divided into an “A ” (5 Panels) and a “ B “ (5 Panels) redundancy scheme. Tri-Star Automation constructed the panels, placed them onsite and provided the interconnecting field wiring between the panels including, fibre optic cables.

Spillway, Control and Indication Panel Construction – Point Du Bois Spillway

The “SCIP” panel was designed and constructed in our CSA Panel shop to MB Hydro standards.

The panel contained a GE Fanuc PLC, Rugged Ethernet (Copper/Fibre) switches, Fibre Patch Panels, power supplies and etc.

The panel was delivered within a tight timeline to avoid any disruptions to the project.